Centurions were victorious in their third game of the season against the Chicago PD Enforcers. The Centurions hosted the Enforcers in their second home game at the beautiful Weingart stadium on the campus of East Los Angeles College.

The game had an incredible start as the Centurions scored two touchdowns in the first 8 minutes of the game. They managed to score two more by halftime, while shutting out the Enforcers from the end zone.

While the Enforcers came back fighting in the second half and ultimately scoring two touchdowns, it wasn’t enough to undo all that the Centurions ha done in the first half, wit the final score of 28-14!

The Centurions are heading to the OC for their next game on April 22, 2017 before hosting the San Diego Enforcers in the last home game of the season.

~April 8th, 2017