The Centurions first made their mark on the OC scoreboard in a series of plays that started with a botched field goal on the Lawmen one-yard line. The failed attempt turned the ball over to the Lawmen who in two plays had their quarterback sacked in their own end zone, resulting in a safety. The Centurions went on to find that same end zone seven more times to finish the game 51-6.

The Centurion touchdowns came both in the air and on the ground. One score in particular was the result of a free-play due to defensive encroachment. WR Jonathan Hilliger streaked down the left sideline and made a diving catch in the end zone. Special teams also contributed seven points when they forced an OC kickoff returner to cough up the ball and ran it back for a touchdown.

The Lawmen were able to advance the ball several times through the air. Passes over the middle led to an eventual touchdown in the first quarter and some promising drives that ultimately fell short later in the game.

The Centurions move on to their final home game against the San Diego Enforcers on May 6th, 2017 at East Los Angeles College. Be aware that the previously advertised start time of two o’clock has been changed to 3:00pm due to a conflict with the scheduling of the field. It’s sure to be a well contested game.

~ April 23rd, 2017