1. LA Centurions Traveled to Charlotte, NC.
  2. Cheer on the LaCenturions on Saturday, May 5th!
  3. First home game of 2018 – Saturday, March 3, 2018
  4. 2018 Season Schedule Announced for the Centurions
  5. LA Lights Up The Scoreboard Against OC


The LAPD Centurions are a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization comprised of LAPD officers and civilian volunteers.  Our mission is threefold:

First and foremost, are our efforts support the Blind Children’s Center of Los Angeles.  From the money we raise to the events we sponsor we seek to improve the lives of children who are in need.

The Centurions also seek to create a stronger bond in the nation among the fraternity of first responders through athletic competition.  Since our first season in 1979 we have been playing football against other police and fire departments across the United States.

Lastly we wish to present the people we serve with a greater representation of what we are as officers in the community.  We recognize our ability to contribute to the public good beyond that of our profession as peace officers.

LA Centurion Helmet