1. LA Centurions Traveled to Charlotte, NC.
  2. Cheer on the LaCenturions on Saturday, May 5th!
  3. First home game of 2018 – Saturday, March 3, 2018
  4. 2018 Season Schedule Announced for the Centurions
  5. LA Lights Up The Scoreboard Against OC

How We Play

The Centurions play four quarters of full-contact football; helmets, shoulder pads and all. The players practice and play on their time off from their regular assignments as first responders.

Because we use high school and college facilities, games are played generally every other weekend from March to May. Practices begin in January to get the team ready for the season. A championship game is scheduled to take place in June with teams and locations to be determined.

We play both league and non-league games against other teams across the United States with the ultimate goal of winning our league’s National Championship.

LA Centurions Football